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Peria Capital has an ongoing dialogue with companies, individuals and other legal entities that continuously are pursuing a good investment. Some investors are looking to make investments in small businesses; others in medium-sized and larger companies, just as the acquired part of the company may differ.

Management of equity is to be understood as the part of the balance sheet that is the company’s capital base. It can either be invested as stocks, shares or as a subordinate corporate bond.

Peria Capital’s remuneration is related to the activities regarding management. The majority of the remuneration will be a success fee. For management of this nature, it is important that a company’s documentation is 100 % in place. Depending on the conditions, a prospectus is made according to the regulations stated in the Prospectus Notice. Peria Capital can provide the expertise relating to the preparation of documentation to which a portion of the fee is paid, either directly, by advance payment or in addition to this.