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Peria Capital offers company owners, shareholders and other business owners to arrange the sale of the business in whole or in part, finding new shareholders or assist in acquisitions.

It is essential that documentation is 100 % in place for management of capital. If this is not the case the process will take longer and create an untrustworthy process. In some cases there might be a need to act quickly. In situations where speed is of the essence for a given solution, providing the necessary overview of the situation is a prerequisite in order to execute the deal.

Generally, a good process is a process where there is time to execute a deal properly, both over time and during the documentation process.

One can say that a business is generally always best served by keeping ongoing documentation in addition to the statutory daily bookkeeping. This sends a positive signal about a management that knows what it does on the basis of thoroughly prepared processes. This helps to increase the price.

Get advice from Peria Capital when you want to sell or buy a business. We make the effort to analyse needs and requests as well as sense whether there is a mutual respect for the task of providing assistance regarding the effectuation of a transaction.

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