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Peria Capital offers our Clients:

  • Co-operation with global partners. Capital from amongst others Asia, co-operation with American partners and strategic agreements.
  • Results in capital management, sales and purchases of companies, refinancing of extraneous capital and management of subcontracts for corporations’ providing work worldwide.

Our service is provided in cooperation with a number of partners in Denmark and elsewhere in Europe, Asia, Middle East and USA.

The Company is organized with Peria Capital acting as the coordinating Unit, where the tasks’ overall framework is defined and executed. It is also Peria Capital that performs the actual fundraising process. Our local country offices – Peria Capital Denmark and Peria Capital Romania – perform the daily preparation and executing process.

All Peria Capital units work with a number of consulting companies abroad. In this way, the tasks get the local know-how, which is a necessity to achieve results.

Peria Capital is not lawyers or accountants. We work closely with our Client’s own Advisors in the implementation of the individual processes.

When establishing each Client relationship we assesses the quality of the Client’s collaboration with its Advisors. It is a necessity that cooperation between the Client and the Advisors works smoothly, efficiently, and is based on mutual trust between the parties. Peria Capital can only execute its processes relating to capital management and other services, if the Client and its Advisors collaborate effectively. Peria Capital can refer the customer to a number of able and competent advisors, should Peria Capital deem that the level of advice is insufficient.

How much does management cost?
Peria Capital A/S is primarily remunerated by the success fee of each task. However, it is not the same as Peria Capital financing the process. It is to be expected that Peria Capital is defrayed for expenses associated with the process. In addition to this the cost of the Client’s own Advisors must be added. Peria Capital is always looking a solution to these conditions before entering into an agreement with a Client.

You are always welcome for a talk if you have a good company, a good product and good idea you think should be expanded and grow.

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